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Our company was founded in 1983 in Istanbul based on electronic engineering. In the first years of the electronic sector we've been shown in terms of production and service in various branches. Through the years we become  one of the Turkey's most experienced and successful electronic companies .Outside of Turkey
, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iraq, etc we provide services in neighboring countries.


In line with the demands of customers, from 2017 onwards to serve them more, we are cooperating with NET SISTEM ELECTRONICS on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. In 2019 we will serve you in the field of card and device repair in our laboratories.Kocaeli SÖZER MAKİNA and Bursa MEGA AUTOMOTIVE ,

Our aim is always to keep up with the technology and the era, the accumulation of knowledge, documentation archive, experienced and trained personnel and technical facilities to find appropriate and permanent solutions to customer problems as soon as possible.

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